Koparan Makina was founded in 1989 with the production of furniture and woodworking machines such as Planer, Thickness Machine, Ripsaw, Belt Sander. Founded with the mission of making the workplace a healthier place, KOPARAN MAKINA is today a company with a strong eco-friendly identity and is committed in the research of new solutions to support companies in preserving the environment.. Supplying high quality and eco-friendly products represent the core of our company mission. “Working clean, Breathing healthy” summarizes the company philosophy and becomes real in the continuous research for filtration solutions more efficient and eco-compatible. Every KOPARAN MAKINA system, both oil mist and dust collectors, is tested through strict control procedures. R&D department constantly research new solutions to improve existing products and to offer cutting edge solutions for filtration and depuration to the market.

All KOPARAN MAKINA systems are designed to satisfy three main characteristics:

High efficiency motors, restorable filters, power regulation inverter are just some of the solutions adopted in the range of KOPARAN MAKINA’s dust and mist collectors .To meet European regulations requirements for company plants for environmental management all systems have CE certification.

Dust collector systems are focused on providing a clean and efficient working environment. Air filtration for oil mists and smoke allows cleaner air to release it back into the workshop, permitting cost-savings for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.

Removal of pollutants from the working environment contributes directly to machine tools efficiency by improving maintenance intervals and to employee productivity by providing a clean working environment.

An increasing attention to environmental safety and protection in workplaces has been registered in the last decades from economical as well as political players: companies, users, control authorities and agencies who are strongly committed in respecting new regulations and operational guidelines.
All manufacturing companies are directly involved on these topics. Environmental pollutants such as dust, sawdust and smoke arising from the process are eliminated through filtration systems.

KOPARAN MAKİNA exports to many countries from America to Asia, from Africa to Russia and England. It aims to increase its worldwide brand awareness and market share with innovative products.

If pollutants disperse in the air and are inhaled by people working on the machine tools, they could lead to serious health risks. Eliminating oil mists and metallic micro-particles from the workshop helps to prevent respiratory and dermatologic disease and allergies, dangerous for all employees.

Oil particles deposit onto surrounding surfaces (floor, walls, etc.) and on machine tools, threatening their good operation; thus, air filtration can prevent those accidents caused by slippery surfaces and diminish risks of fire and short circuit caused by the deposit of oil in electrical controls or electronic devices.

Oil mists and coolant filtration assists to secure a cleaner workplace and reduce maintenance costs. Avoiding oil particles deposit on surfaces, increases not only the safety of workplaces but also limits cleaning costs and reduce maintenance interventions and breakdown events.

Installing a filtration system for air or coolant allows to reduce both cleaning and maintenance costs for workplaces and those connected to special waste disposal. All KOPARAN MAKINA systems are designed to grant the better performances with low energy consumption, contributing to the corporate’s energy saving program.